This portal is used as a project development support for the planned platform with the working title of “Global Observatory for Environmental Change”.
This project aims at materializing a vision formulated by Professor Jacqueline McGlade Executive Director of the European Environment Agency and Ludo De Bock Microsoft’s Director for EU and NATO, about the creation of an Observatory for Global Environmental Change. Based on that on 14 May 2008 Professor McGlade and Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman Europe, Microsoft Corporation, signed a
partnership agreement, aimed at creating an environmental information platform.

Vision: Build a technological enabler where citizens can search for relevant information about the environment both local and global and where in the future they should be able to report their own observations about the environment. At the inception  the short term vision towards such overall realization is to take a small and impactful step with the more defined objective described below.

Objective: To provide a web- platform on which to grow A Citizen Observatory of Global Change by delivering an initial solution limited in scope and geographical coverage such as focusing on Europe, or relevant sub-regions, and information about bathing water. 

Results : Latest information on the water quality in bathing sites and air quality across Europe. The portal allows users to rate beaches and air quality and to share their comments with others. See also: Interactive technology empowers Europeans to manage environmental change.

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